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Your Network in Real-Time

Sandvine's solutions provide unparalleled real-time visibility into your campus network for quality assurance, planning, and prioritized services for students and faculty. Our use cases ensure that your network meets the expectations of your entire campus while minimizing cost and administration overhead.


Performance and Operational Monitoring
Carefully monitor network performance and quality indicators to troubleshoot problems in real-time
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Service and Subscriber Analysis
Understand the delivered quality of experience of individual subscribers or subscriber groups
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Real-Time Subscriber Insights
Understand subscriber experience on your network
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Performance Analysis
Understand your network’s ability to deliver services to subscribers
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Capacity Planning Analysis
Data-driven network planning focused on customer experience
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User Behavior and Demographic Analysis
Performance management of critical services, network users, and applications
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Network Optimization

Fair Usage and Congestion Management
Manage congestion with precision and protect quality of experience
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Video Streaming Management
Manage video bandwidth resolutions and deliver high quality experiences
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Heavy User Management
Significantly improve the customer experience your network delivers
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Wholesale and Peering Link Management
Control internet peering quality of experience and cost
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TCP Optimization
Get more from your TCP network
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Traffic Steering/Diversion
Intelligently redirect traffic and better allocate network resources
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Carrier Grade NAT
Mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion while maintaining network visibility
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Cyber Threat Management
Protect the network and user quality of experience from cyber threats
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Revenue Generation

Parental Control
Give peace of mind with multi-access content and application management for protection of minors
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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Data Retention
Logging and insights for national infrastructure
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Regulatory Traffic Management
Safety and security compliance for national networks
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