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Sandvine's Revenue Generation solutions leverage rich analytics capabilities to identify and uniquely enforce contextual services that deliver greater profitability than simple usage and flat rate plans.

It’s no secret that average revenue per user (ARPU) and average revenue per account (ARPA) are declining for fixed and mobile operators due to increased competition and market saturation. As a result, network operators need to create new revenue sources while maximizing existing revenue streams and retaining subscribers with innovative service offerings.

Use Cases

Usage-Based Services
Increase revenue by launching innovative service plans based on perceived value and user behavior
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Zero-Rating and Application-Based Plans
Create value, increase revenue, and enhance customer loyalty by offering plans with in-demand applications
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Advanced Roaming Services
Provide affordable, unique, and enticing options for traveling data users
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Sponsored Data Services
Unlock new revenue streams and create value with third-party sponsored opportunities
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Parental Control
Give peace of mind with multi-access content and application management for protection of minors
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IMS and VoLTE Services
Deliver superior and reliable Voice over LTE services
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